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Womb Wellness

The womb is the void where all of creations emanates from, the powerhouse of materializing energy, where magnetism (energy of creation) radiates from, the sacred portal where spirit becomes life, the beginning & the end.
An unwell womb can leave a woman frustrated, irritable, short tempered, unbalanced emotionally and takes the role of the masculine in a relationship & life which creates lack of trust, disconnection from self and lack of nourishment which leads to a stressful living, suppressed expression and dull sexual life.

The womb has an interconnected story with 7 generations of the matriarchal line as well as the energies of the partners that have connected with the cervix. It carries many energies, traumas, contracts, patterns that belong to others if not attended and cared for creating havoc and chaos in a woman's life as an individual, partner, mother, sister, daughter and in the workplace.

Womb wellness is essential for every woman to awaken into her power & sovereignty.
Healing the womb activates the Queen within creating a Priestess orchestrated in families, in relationships and in life.

It’s a journey of self discovery and self glory & True Power in every womban . Womb Wellness creates  and grace in a woman's life to claim her stance, establish and expand within herself and all her creations.

Healing the womb ignites the passion in life, creates a natural safety of surrender, flow activating the feminine attributes and virtues at their finest including creativity and psychic abilities. 


What we can help you with ?

-Rape Healing (4 sessions) - Let's begin with a consultation, so book your free call here 

-Abortion/ Miscarriage Healing 

-Womb Awakening & sensitizing Feminine

-Feminine Ancestral Healing

-Mother wound and Sister wound Healing

-Menstruation Power Restoration

-Cervix Healing 

A Session is for 60 minutes and costs $333

How to book a session?

1. Click on the button, choose a date and time then fill out the question form with details to clearly understand your situation and objectives and then click purchase

2. Once you complete your booking, you will receive an email on how to prepare for the session.

3. All Sessions are held remotely (no attendance) and a full report with aftercare will be sent to you by email afterwards

Email us at for any clarification or click here to chat with us on 

Note that you can book the session timing while you are sleeping in your timezone as the session is held remotely and there will be no attendance required. 

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