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I want to share with you what makes Yoni Crystals unique:


1. All of our products are made with no additives, chemicals or oils. The majority of traditional shaping processes with gems and minerals involves using low-grade oils that are toxic when used internally in the body. The mineworkers and owners are not thinking about if crystals will be used internally because usually, they aren’t! The time it takes to shape our eggs and wands without the use of oils is 2-3 times longer than those that use oils. This does add to our costs -but that is the cost of having a crystal that is completely safe for internal use. 


Yoni Crystals only offers crystals that are in fact completely clean, natural, and organic - SAFE for internal use. We recognize the importance of offering completely organic / non-treated gems and minerals for women’s health. We also work directly with our mines to verify that the crystals are being sustainably harvested from mother earth and that all mine workers are treated well and paid fairly. We believe that every crystal is a living being, just like the humans helping remove them from the Earth, and both must be respected as such in the whole process. 


2. The pouch that holds the  crystal is also high quality; all organic bamboo/cotton blend vegan suede fabric naturally dyed and printed with selenite crystal infused ink . Our pouches are hand-made in Bali with lots of love and we work closely with the families that make them. This is a conscious choice to offer fully sustainable, ethical, organic products.


3. We are the only company on the market that offers a beautiful and detailed full-color 40-page guidebook included with every crystal. When Yoni Crystals was conceived, the founder wanted every woman to have the necessary information to use and care for her crystal. All this information is included with every single crystal.


That's why Yoni Crystals  are recognized as so special, you can truly feel the love in them. ♡ We hope understanding our quality control standards helps you to feel the Yoni Crystal love more deeply!


If you'd like to learn more, see the article our founder wrote about the quality control and slow sourcing of the crystals here

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